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Dr. Port takes a great deal of pride in the care he provides for every patient. With additional qualifications such as membership and certification with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and certification in Webster Prenatal Technique, he welcomes babies, expecting moms and every member of your family.

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East Cobb Chiropractor for Holistic Health

Welcome to Lifeworks Chiropractic!

At Lifeworks Chiropractic, we’re not like other offices you’ve been to before, and we’re proud of it. Our highest priority is helping you, and everything we do is centered on that ultimate goal. East Cobb Chiropractor Dr. Wade Port takes on even the most chronic of problems, such as people who can’t walk, postsurgical cases and those who have lost hope of ever feeling well again. It’s no accident that you discovered us. You’re looking for something different, and with Dr. Port, you’ve found it. We’ll help you take responsibility for your well-being, listening carefully to you, creating a plan to get you better and educating you on how to stay healthy for your entire life. We’ll be straightforward with you about our recommendations and what it will take to achieve your objectives.

dr-wade-tony-robbinsTo Love and to Serve

It is impossible to separate health into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They’re forever intertwined, and therefore, your health care must address the whole person. We know that health is a process and journey, not a destination with a set ending point. We’ll get to know you on a deeper level than your typical doctors would, understanding your unique goals and needs to give you the care you require.

Working together, you and Dr. Port will form a partnership that allows you to stay resilient in the face of life’s difficulties, empowering you to trust in yourself again.

As the East Cobb Chiropractor to other chiropractors in the Life University area, you can rest assured that you’re in the most capable of hands with Dr. Port.