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Chiropractic Care

When Dr. Wade explains chiropractic to a new person, he uses the analogy that most people have been cruising down the highway of life with their emergency brake half on, without realizing it.

What we do with analysis and adjustments is take the brake off, so you can cruise down the highway of life a lot smoother with more fuel efficiency and energy, so your parts last longer. They won’t wear out too fast or unevenly, allowing your body and mind to focus on enjoying life.

Keeping it simple, he gives you the ABCs—A, your body is infinitely smart; B, life is stressful and will throw us out of balance; and C, our brand of chiropractic helps restore balance in your body and mind, allowing you to dream the life you want to live.

Dr. Wade has worked with all types of conditions, from premature babies, to people in the hospital receiving bone marrow transplants, and everyone in between. He loves people, and truly believes chiropractic is the biggest blessing to humanity.

Tools and Techniques

Dr. Wade doesn’t believe in throwing a lot of heavy terminology at people. He asks questions to determine how knowledgeable they are about chiropractic, what made them come in, and why, and if there are any emotional drivers behind their visit. Through a series of directed questions, Dr. Wade explains why our focus is on the health and shape of their spine in a way they can understand. Dr. Wade’s high skill level in adjusting is what sets him apart from others. He is on lead teaching staff with renowned chiropractor, Dr. Arno Burnier one of the leaders in chiropractic in terms of his mastery of adjusting skills.

Some techniques he uses include

  • Bio-Geometric Integration
  • Chiropractic BioPhysics®
  • Cox Flexion-Distraction (Spinal Decompression)
  • Diversified Full Spine
  • NetworkSpinal
  • Zone Technique
  • Sacro Occipital Technique®
  • Thompson Drop
  • Webster Pre-natal technique
  • Toggle (Upper Cervical Specific)
  • SRI Somato Respiratory Integration
  • Occiput Lift

At Lifeworks Chiropractic, we focus on making sure you can play every game at the highest level, that you have the energy to play with your grandkids at the park, your digestion issues don’t stop you from enjoying life, and so much more. We see time and time again people igniting, or re-igniting their passion for life as the patterns and unresolved issues fall away so they can get on with being who they were meant to be.

Get Your Life Back

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