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About Lifeworks Chiropractic

At Lifeworks Chiropractic we are committed to helping those in East Cobb and surrounding areas experience optimal health and wellness through customized chiropractic care.

What’s in a Name?

We are committed to helping those in our community.

We are committed to helping those in our community.

The name Lifeworks Chiropractic came to Dr. Port rather quickly as he reflected in school. Dr. Port grew up inspired by his mothers nearby business of 40-years, Frameworks Gallery. “Lifeworks Chiropractic is a tip of the hat and nod to my amazing mother,” says Wade. Chiropractic is also his life’s work. The name is also a notion that life works better when you’re getting adjusted, and chiropractic is part of your lifestyle.

Our Vision, Mission and Purpose

Our vision is to make a significant and meaningful difference in people’s lives by passionately and skillfully delivering chiropractic education and care. Our purpose is to empower people to trust in life and themselves, allowing freedom and abundance in health, life and healing. Our mission is to provide loving service.

A Listening Ear

The loving service we provide includes taking the time to listen to our patients and practice members. “Our team does a really good job of listening to people and understanding them. We like to help them gain a deeper and richer experience out of their life,” explains Wade. We especially like serving those in the community who are engaged in a wellness lifestyle or who are on the verge of looking for that leadership to help them cross the bridge into a holistic lifestyle.

A Fine-Tuned Plan

Lifeworks Chiropractic care Spectrum

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At Lifeworks Chiropractic our commitment is to get to know each patient as an individual and create a fine-tuned plan to assist them in reaching optimal health.  Wade spends a great deal of time with his patients, laboring over exam and X-ray findings to devise a custom-tailored care plan that includes individualized adjustments and exercises. That’s why we’re different.

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